Saturday, January 04, 2014

New painting

Warbler and Nest  14"x18" oil/panel

Here is the first painting completed in 2014.  This is the time of year I spend quietly organizing my studio, cleaning and going through old sketches and paintings from the previous year.  I reflect upon my progress and make plans for the future.  I love fresh starts, am a dedicated list maker and make my own monthly calendars that I constantly scribble new goals, thoughts and ideas on.  I post them in a prominent place in my studio.  I'd be lost without them, they remind me of my painting goals and also manage all the family's activities.  These handmade calendars are fun to review at the years end.  It's amazing to see how every week fills with activity.  As for my own creativity, I rarely reach my monthly goals--but carry them over to the next month only to add more to my ever growing list.

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