Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's on your palette?

 "Perch on a Yellow Pitcher"  10"x10"

In continuation of the previous post about making your own custom palette, I thought I'd share what I put on my palette afterwards.  My palette above has pretty much every color I use, except occasionally cadmium red and phthalo blue.  I only break those out on special occasions.  On this palette, the neutrals just right of my white are 'mud' mixes from a previous painting session, which I always keep to create bases for new mixes or to neutralize colors.

I use:
Titanium White
my personal mixture of naples yellow light
cadmium yellow
indian yellow
yellow ochre
Rublev's pozzuoli red
aliz crimson permanent
burnt umber
rublev's violet hematite
ultramarine blue
prussian blue
cerulean blue
chromium oxide greeen

my limited palette is:
ultra blue
burnt umber
yellow ochre
titanium white
indian yellow
aliz crimson permanent 

I found I can mix many colors with a limited palette, but for convenience I have started using a larger variety of paint.  My palette contains a nice mix of warm and cool colors along with a plethora of transparent oil colors which are perfect for creating glazes.

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