Monday, March 05, 2012


sarah siltala
"Daybreak"  16"x16"

Velatura.  I love this word, it just rolls off the tongue,  Veeelllllatuuuuuuraaaa..   Velatura is somewhere in between a glaze and a scumble.  It is a thin, milky glaze that is semi-transparent and acts like a veil somewhat obscuring detail when it is applied.  A scumble is more opaque and is rubbed over the surface, or dragged across a surface which only reveals the underpainting due to the texture of the painting.  A velatura completely covers the surface and is juicier than a scumble due to the amount of medium in it.  I often use velaturas, any opaque paint will become semi-transparent when you add enough medium to it-- thus becoming a velatura.  I often use this type of application in landscapes, they create beautiful atmosphere.


meinwald said...

I like the mood and the light of your landscape. Dear greetings. bea

Sarah S said...

thank you!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

What a wonderful word for it!
The light is gorgeous in this piece, I like the one second down in your sidebar too. Are there more in this series?

Donna T said...

Beautiful atmosphere in this one, Sarah! I would love to be able to use a velatura with my pastels. Veils come in handy!

Sarah S said...

Thanks Lisa and Donna! I love the NM desert, but also the cool green of the bosque and trees along the Rio Grande. Those are ongoing interests for me.