Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Drawing Practice

graphite on stonehenge 21"x13"

One thing I know that is integral to an artist's life is the importance of drawing study.  It is something I try to dedicate time to regularly, I've been working at incorporating a daily drawing practice for a long time.

I can't always study the live model, so I like to do master copies when I'm not drawing still life.  I created a special large drawing board dedicated to master copies and bargue plates and it sits on my main easel whenever I'm not painting.  Since it's in main view whenever I enter the studio, and I'm using a sight/size method, I instantly see issues that need correcting and I grab a pencil and begin to work.  Sometimes I'll spend hours, sometimes ten minutes.  This piece took a couple weeks to complete.

here is a wonderful site to learn about sight size drawing:

original charcoal on paper by Tynedale