Saturday, July 30, 2016


"Twilight" 24x30 oil/panel by Sarah Siltala

Lately I have been feeling adventurous in the studio, and wanting to return to themes I once considered pursuing years ago.  My feeling lately is blue, as in the color blue and all it's nuances.  I love painting the desert sky because of the varying shades of blue you can study in one evening.  Years ago I considered a series of nocturne paintings celebrating the vast skies at at twilight, when the first twinkle of stars appear.  It must be something about this time of year, and spending time outside.  Or in the car, travelling, this is a fantastic way to give the sky your full attention--no distractions.  No city lights, buildings or roads obscure the horizon here in New Mexico, it's just vast earth stretching out to the biggest skies you can imagine.  I am passionate about road trips because when else can you stop and just watch everything go by for hours on end, it's like a moving meditation, usually with an exciting destination at the end.  I also love the freedom when I paint landscapes, to be able to be fully present in the moment while I'm working and mixing colors, letting the painting dictate it's own course, usually surprising me at the end.  It's very much the opposite of still life painting. I paint landscapes from memory and impressions of the desert that I've been surrounded by my entire life here in New Mexico.

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