Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mulling Paint

I recently spent some time in the studio replenishing my supply of handmade linseed oil.  After working with my own oil for the past year and testing several other store-bought brands along the way, I am convinced I will never be without my hand-washed organic linseed oil for mulling paint and making my own mediums.  It has really revolutionized my painting process and I have not found a suitable replacement with the same working characteristics that can be purchased in a store.  The majority of art store linseed oils are extremely slow drying, and create short, bouncy paint.  My paint is long and stringy, smooths under the brushstroke and dries incredibly fast.  You can read about the water washing process here.  I also made a beautiful jar of sun dried linseed oil, nothing beats the hot New Mexico sun for creating the perfect bodied oil!

I've been experimenting with new pigments over the summer.  It has been tricky to work with some of the pigments I've tried.  Vicenza Earth is a pigment I purchased after reading about it's low opacity and glazing qualities.  It is also used as a pigment extender, and I love many of these types of pigments!  

I found the particle size to be so large and gritty it was impossible to use as a glaze, or extender.  It left a texture in my paint that I found undesirable, but this is because I choose to have very smooth glass like surfaces in my final paintings.  Sometimes it is difficult to spend time experimenting and end up with unexpected results. I will continue to update my blog with my paint making endeavors in the future.

Still life with Plums and MacGillivray Warbler  16"x16" oil/panel by Sarah Siltala

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