Monday, October 03, 2011


This weekend the family took a wonderful trip to the Sandia Mountains.  Our older son was taking part in a repelling/climbing field trip which left all day for the rest of the family to ramble through the mountains.  It was a stunning autumn day, the scrub oak and beautiful aspens were in full glory, blazing yellows and oranges across the terrain.  The sun peeped in and out of puffy little clouds and the breeze danced through the leaves and pine trees.  It was magical.  I would love to be able to capture these moments in paint, but my camera will have to do for now. 

the path to inspiration


Janelle Goodwin said...

Each of these photographs have great compositions. The start of some great paintings!

Sarah said...

yes! I've been so focused on plein air.. I'm going to shift gears and start working from photos at home more often.