Monday, July 15, 2013

Georgia O'Keeffe Country

This past weekend the family drove to Abiquiu, NM for lunch and to see the breathtaking scenery.  We drove through the heart of O'Keeffe country and it was like stepping into one of her paintings.  I have always been a huge Georgia O'Keeffe fan because she is the first famous artist I took an interest in when I was young, her work just spoke to me.  Her paintings are not hard to miss in New Mexico since images and prints plaster many businesses here.  Even in my wedding photos I am standing in front of a wall of various O'Keeffe prints with my husband.  She's everywhere!  The first artwork I ever owned were a couple landscape prints of hers, that was before I ever knew I would become an artist myself.  Today I am a fan of her life, how she came to New Mexico and lived in solitude in the middle of nowhere to produce her artwork.  How she drove out to the desert in her truck to paint the mesas and hills from life, and her deep love of the country here.

  ~O'Keeffe's beloved Pedernal~

I thought I'd share a few of Georgia's landscapes along with some photos of the colorful hills and cliffs of Abiquiu.  Portrait of an Artist, the biography of Georgia O'Keeffe, by Laura Lisle is the biography I read and really enjoyed.  And if you'd like to see gorgeous photos of her house in Abiquiu please see the photos from July 1981 Architectural Digest Here.   




above photo by Annie Leibovitz, hills behind Georgia O'Keeffe's home


Umā said...

I love seeing the paintings with the photos of the terrain, gorgeous!

Mairéad said...

That's for sharing these. I was familiar with her flower paintings of course, but not her landscapes.