Friday, May 09, 2014

Still Life show and Passport to the Arts

 "Ruby Crowned Kinglet and Cherries" 10"x10"  oil/panel

Tonight is the opening for a group still life show I am participating in at Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe.  I, along with other gallery artists, have several new works available including my "Duet" and "Nest".  I particularly love Kevin Gorges still lifes for the show.  Check out the link to see all the works available:

The opening coincides with Passport to the Arts, the weekend event that takes place on Canyon Road every year in May.  Happenings include special openings and exhibitions, art auctions, demonstrations and live music.  More than 100 artists participate in the events, many of them produce work in the Quick Draw which is later offered in a live auction on the Santa Fe plaza.  Various tents are set up where patrons can visit and watch artists create works of art, it's so exciting!  The list of artists creating work live is amazing, click on the link to see a full list and get more info on this great weekend of art in Santa Fe:

"Nest" 10"x10"

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