Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Art, Kenyon Thomas

I wanted to share a bit about my father Kenyon Thomas and his artwork.  He is a master ceramic artist who also paints in pastel and is a fine musician too.  It is very difficult to find words to describe my dad.  He has never written an artist bio and refuses to share about his artwork in a statement, so how can I adequately express his art vision when he is such a private man?  I know he has never pursued art for the glory of being an artist, instead he believes in creating for the sake of the beauty of the artwork itself and that is the greatest satisfaction of all.  He is always true to himself in his art and has developed a very unique style, combining the fine art of pottery making with intricately designed paintings and modern motifs executed precisly on each plate, ginger jar, vase or whatever form for his subject matter.  Every part of the process is done by him alone, from mixing the dry clay, kneading it, throwing it and of course several firings and painting.  He has spent a lifetime developing and perfecting his craft. 

A favorite piece, hanging on my wall,
Crow and Poppies plate, 16"x16".

Not only is he a ceramic artist, he also paints landscapes in pastel.  

Landscape in Pastel

Please be sure to check out his site for more paintings and pottery:

front side

Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Light and the Open Road

sarah siltala
 "First Light"   11"x14"

I am an avid road trip out the car window picture taker.  I always have my camera close at hand to capture a moment.  It drives my family nuts, and on a recent trip when I forgot the memory card for my little camera in the computer (argh) my husband breathed a sigh of relief.  There would be no distractions on my side of the car and oohing and aaahing at the passing scenery and no begging to pull over just for a minute so I can capture a captivating scene.  Just yesterday in the car he said "I love how you make me feel like a tourist no matter where we go!".