Saturday, November 01, 2014

Demo in Indirect Painting II

I recently took part in a group paint-out where over one hundred artists painted live and gave demonstrations on painting in every style, media and subject matter you can imagine.  Because I am an indirect painter I have to plan ahead for demonstrations and prepare several different panels showing the different stages of layering in oil.  

For a more detailed demonstration in glazing see HERE

I began my demo on a panel with my drawing already transferred and ready to be painted.  I started by preparing a glaze of yellow ochre over the entire panel and drawing.  Next I painted into the lights with opaque white, and added darks and shadows with burnt umber, keeping the shadows thin and transparent.

My second panel for the demonstration had the completed underpainting (above) dry and ready for the next layer of paint.  I began again by glazing the panel in transparent color and painting my opaque color into the glaze on the subject matter.  Now that I have switched to the first color glaze I still keep my lights opaque and shadows thin and transparent.  My values are close together so I can build up more light and shadow after this layer dries with more transparent glazes and opaque scumbles.


After several more passes of transparent glazes and opaque scumbles the painting is complete.

"Oriole and Pear"  11x14