Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moving News and Studio Spaces

9"x12" oil/linen panel

Here is a little plein air oil sketch done in the Albuquerque bosque.  The Rio Grande river runs through this lush area and you can see the first Spring greens starting to sprout in the photo.  Painting trees is something I would like to study more in future paintings. 

We have very, very exciting news, we sold our house!  This has been an ongoing struggle since last July and has really taken over our lives.  We went back on the market about a month ago and have a super fantastic realtor.  Within a couple weeks we had not only one offer, but two.  I have been packing and just finished putting away my entire studio for the new space.  We found an amazing home for the family with gorgeous views and plenty of space!   It was difficult to pack away my paints and brushes, but I keep thinking of all the projects I'll be completing after the move.