Friday, January 10, 2014

Savoring the Quiet

 "Night Visit"  oil/panel  14"x18

"Balancing Act"  oil/panel  12"x12"

I am really enjoying January, to be honest it's one of my favorite months.  I love being enveloped in quiet moments, which there seem to be many of this time of year.  It's the interlude between the holidays and bursting of new life and activity in Spring.  I know some people suffer from the winter 'blahs' around this time of year. I am quite the opposite, my least favorite months are during the height of summer when we get the most sun out here in the Southwest.  Right now I am enjoying peace, quiet and a lapse of activity.  I am savoring every moment because I know before long the season will turn and life will resume at it's full speed once again.  Give me January and February!  A cup of hot tea, a fire in the fireplace and cozy evenings with my family together make feel content and satisfied.  I know these quiet times together are to be treasured.  But do catch me again when the buds begin to green and the birds return, gardens will be planted and the sun will warm the earth and I'm sure I'll (along with my feathered friends) be singing a different tune.  But for now, Happy January all!