Friday, May 01, 2015

"Heirloom" opening, one week away!

It is officially one week to the opening of my show!  I'm really looking forward to seeing all the work hanging together in the gallery.  Right now it's scattered all over the studio, some needing varnish, or framing, one still needs the finishing details added.  I hope to wrap it all up over the weekend for delivery next week, fifteen new paintings.  

 Interlude  22"x28"

It's already starting to feel a bit quieter now that all the months of intense preparation are coming to an end.  For this show I've concentrated on reproducing my father's ceramic artworks in my still lifes, from my own collection of his pottery.  I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my dad's artwork on such a personal level, recreating his designs--work he's created for years and years, was such a challenge.  I've been surrounded by his pottery my entire life, but never looked so deeply at his creative process until now.  Spending time discussing art, his influences and journey, made the work even more rewarding.  

Poppy Vase and Pears  18"x14"

For now I am taking a bit of time to savor this new quiet feeling that's so welcome after a long time of working.  I look forward to next week and I hope to see you at the opening!