Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Paint Chemistry

 Oriental White eye and Eucalyptus    14"x11"

I have been experimenting with different oils and making my own oil paint and painting putty mediums over the summer.  You can read about my experiments in the previous posts.  After my last experiment making putty with calcite and water washed flax-linseed oil I was very surprised with the results.  Since then I have done a little research and played around making some new earth colors using different oil combinations.  Below you can see Umber pigment with the water washed flax-linseed by Art Treehouse on the left and combined with a alkali refined linseed oil on the right.  what a difference!  You can read about my experiments with different oils here: Linseed Oil Experiment and here: Grinding Paint

It is a fascinating process.