Monday, April 16, 2012

Randall Davey House

 Photo of Randall Davey by Laura Gilpin

It was a wintry day for an April wedding, there were clouds, blustery winds and even snow.  My sister Mary had her heart set on being married on the grounds of the Randall Davey Audubon Center in Santa Fe.  We were so nervous as the big day finally arrived.  We drove to the center wishing the weather would clear, even briefly, just to give us a little hope that we could carry on with our outdoor wedding plans.  No such luck.  Fortunately, in a moment of divine intervention, the gracious manager of the center swept us away to the beautiful and enchanting rooms of Randall Davey's private residence and studio.  The house was given to the Audubon society and sits on acres of trails and nature preserve.  The house itself is nestled among cottonwood trees, lawn, flowers and an orchard.  Randall Davey and his wife Isabel are actually buried on the premises near the orchard in a mini cemetery tucked away amongst the greenery and you can feel their presence and spirit when you explore all the rooms of their amazing home.  The artist's paintings hang on the walls, art and antique furniture fill each space so elegantly, and there are the most fabulous murals in his wife's private dressing area off the bedroom.  His studio is delightful and left very much in the same state as if he were still alive.  Outside the trees and flowers were in bloom and inside the house was so incredibly romantic, especially because of the clouds and dim light which lent an aura of mystery.  We lit candles inside the sitting room and enjoyed the enchanting setting and union of two beautiful people as they began their new life together.

I will share more photos of this very special place in future posts.  The Randall Davey house is only open on Friday afternoons for guided tours.  We were told the last marriage that took place inside the residence was over ten years ago.

 **~The Bride~**

click here for photos of the artist's studio

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