Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wedding, the Cake, and Moving

One hobby of mine when I can't be creative in the studio is to get creative in the kitchen.  I love to cook, I even wanted to be a professional chef when I was young and was planning on going to cooking school. 

My current kitchen adventure is making my sister's wedding cake.  I have never made a wedding cake.  I have never worked with fondant.  I have taken on the task of learning the ins/outs of wedding cakes, plus fillings, frosting, fondant, and decorations while in the midst of closing on our home.  I had no idea we'd be knee deep in inspections, appraisals, estimates, and appointment after appointment when it came time for the wedding.  and did I mention packing?  (deep breath)  I am slightly frazzled, to say the least.  Spending time on the cake has been rewarding, there's something calming about a creative endeavor, and the achievement creates an inner satisfaction much like the feeling after finishing a painting.  And since I can't paint, I need a creative outlet!  In the midst of moving chaos I have escaped to the kitchen and created one sugary concoction after another.  From cake baking to cooking the lemon curd filling and swiss meringue buttercream frosting, then the decorating, it will have taken three full days to create the cake.  I have never used so many eggs (dozens and dozens of eggs!) and pounds of butter in one cake in my life~    Tomorrow is the wedding--I hope the cake holds up okay and I'm sure transporting the cake will be quite an adventure but I'm really really looking forward to it.  I can't wait to see my little sister get married!  


 lemon curd

Swiss Merangue Buttercream

 Lemon Buttermilk Cake



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Beautiful job and love hearing about all your busyness. Had been thinking of you and wondering how the move was going so happy to get your update. Best wishes and hope soon you'll have happy painting days.